Privileged Membership Card



  1. 1.    This Membership card is the property of the Classic Group of Hotels and it should be returned upon request.
    2.    This is an official membership card of the Classic Group of Hotels. Hence, it is non-transferable. It can be used only by the person whom the card has been issued and whose signature appears on the reverse of the card.
    3.    Change in nomination during the course of one year is not permissible.
    4.     To avail the discount, the member should present the card before placing the order.
    5.    By being a card holder, you agreed to abide by all the Classic Group of Hotels policies, terms and conditions.
    6.    There is a card replacement fee of Rs 500.
    7.    The card holder will get a free entry/access to Sendra Park & Resort. And also the card holder will get free entry to our food promotional activities like Food festival/Carnival.
    8.    Free entry is allowable not only to the card holder but it is also allow to his/her accompanied not more than 4 person (excluding the card holder).
    9.    Discount is not applicable on Room bookings.
    10.    10% discount is applicable only on Food & Beverages (excluding banquet function).
    11.    The card holder will get 50% discount on all the conference hall charges (Billing should be in the name of the card holder and should have one major meal either Lunch/Dinner).
    12.    Privilege Card Member will get 30% discount on massage and 10% for other services on Oriano spa and parlour.
    13.    Classic Group of Hotels reserves the right to Cancel /Revoke the membership card without prior notice.
    14.    Registration fee of the membership card is rupees two thousands only.